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You may wondered if a private citizen can obtain access to criminal records before. If you have ever wanted to look into a persons criminal history, of even your own, you should be aware that private citizens can in fact get criminal records, as they are a matter of public record.

When a person has been convicted of a crime within the United States, it then becomes a public event and matter of public record. Since the record of the crime is a public record anyone can go to a court clerk’s office, or other agency, and search the files for records of a certain person. The only exception to criminal records is for those convictions in which a judge has sealed them.

Until fairly recently, if a person was trying to find out if another person had a criminal record, the only way to discover these facts would have been to pay a visit to the clerks’ offices of every county in which you were trying to obtain records.However, with the invention of the internet,a person can now search an extensive list of databases online.


Anyone who has ever been suspicious of another person, an employer looking into a possible employee, a spouse, or a parent worried about sex offenders in their neighborhood, should conduct a criminal records check These checks will divulge a lot of information and in a short amount of time. In today’s society, a person can never be too safe, so if you are feeling uneasy about something, it is highly recommended that you perform a simple online criminal background search to help ease your mind or to satisfy your curiosity.


1. Gather as much information about the person you are trying to find a criminal background on. These things include, but are not limited too, their full name, age, gender, where they live, where they work, and their social security number.

2. Try to search for their records online – this is the fastest and easiest way to gather information on a person, but may not result in a detailed report. If you are not satified with the results your receive than you will need to continue your search. An important note is to ensure that you do more than “Google” a persons name. You will need to try various search engines and services.

3. If you are not satified with your online search than you may need to go into your local court house or clerks office and explain to them what you are looking for. They will be able to direct you to the proper channels and guide you through the process step by step.

4. If after working with the clerk or court house you are still not happy, than your only option remaining is to call a private investigator or another professional service. These agencies will have the resources and knowledge to be able to help you obtain what you are looking for.

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