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Many people today are interested in obtaining a criminal background check on either themselves or on another party. There is no comprehensive nationwide criminal records bank available to the public, as all this data is off limits to the general public and can only be accessed by people who have the proper clearance levels. However, there are other alternatives available if you decide to conduct a background check on people such as; a prospective employee, a new babysitter, tenant, roommate or even a spouse. Generally a person can run a background check and not have to make a payment at all. There are various websites online such as that are available to the general public to conduct a free background check on someone, or a business, and it’s absolutely 100% free and very simple to use and navigate.


To begin all you need to do is start by Googling the person’s name of whom you wish to conduct a criminal background search on.

If you know the area the person lives in, their age, address, or any other information about them, this information will greatly help to narrow down your search and ensure that you find the correct person.

  • EX: “Sally Jones, Detroit Michigan, Criminal Records”
  • EX: “Sally Jones, Detroit Michigan, Public Marriage Records”


There is a considerable amount of details and information available to the public such as; divorce records, death certificates and records, criminal court cases, speeding tickets, etc. If you can not get the information you are looking for by doing the public record search yourself on Google, than you are going to need to use a background check website instead.Online background check websites are very effective, efficient and also very affordable to use.

To begin all you need to do is go to a website such as or Both of these websites will give you an adequately compiled nationwide criminal records search record. Please note, that neither site is 100% full proof, nor does it cover every state in the search, but it is sufficient for a person who is looking to do a free online criminal history check and obtain information about themselves or other people. A considerable amount of counties, cities and states in the United States are now offering free background checks online resources for their residence to have the ability to check a person’s criminal history or prison record. By using the links in the cities online sites they will give you the necessary information that you are trying to obtain.


  • Get a Date of Birth – To do a more complete and accurate criminal background check on a person, especially if they have a common surname, it is very beneficial to have a birth date.
  • Check the National Sex Offendary Registary – If your background check has come up with no results, than you can also check the national sex offendary resigstary for any pertainant information that they may have. All sex offenders are required to register in their state and this could be a valubale resource that is also free.
  • Search Federal Inmate Records – Anyone can search the Federal Bureau of Prison’s Inmate records online for people who may have served time in a federal prison between the years of1982 until present day. This search requires does require a first and last name,however, you can also add an age to range to the search results which will narrow down the search greatly.

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  • […] Conduct a free online criminal background check Some people today are interested in buying a criminal background weight and dimensions either independently or with another gathering. There isn’t a comprehensive nationwide criminal offender records bank there for the open, as more or less everything data is usually off restricts to people and can certainly only possibly be accessed by those who the right clearance degrees. However, there usually are other solutions available would like to conduct some sort of background weight and dimensions people like; a would-be employee, the latest babysitter, tenant, roommate or possibly spouse. Generally an individual might run some sort of background check without having to make some sort of payment by any means. There usually are various internet websites online like freebackgroundcheck. org that you can get to people to conduct a complimentary background weight and dimensions someone, or maybe a business, and its certainly 100% free and also simple to operate and find the way. FREE POLICE ARREST RECORDS CHECK APPLYING GOOGLE: […]

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