How to do a Criminal Record Search

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Have you at any point in time:

  • Wondered if your potential or current employee has criminal history?
  • Had trouble finding the right day car for your children and wanted to make sure that you were sending them someplace safe?
  • Been suspicious about a person you were dating?
  • Wondered if there were sex offenders in your neighborhood?
  • Wondered if your children had gotten into more trouble than they had actually told you?
  • Wanted to know what your own criminal history looked like?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, than we have some simple tips on how to conduct a quick and cost effective criminal background search.


One would be surprised at all of the information that is readily available to the general public, and at little to no cost at all. There are a lot of resources and places that assist a person when they are searching for a criminal record, whether it their own criminal history, or that of another person. One of the easiest ways to obtain a criminal record is to check the internet. There are a pleathera of websites available to the average computer user and most of them are 100% free. A simple and easy way to start is by merely going to Google and typing in “free criminal background check.” A wide variety of websites will then be displayed and you will be able to click on them and find the one that will work best for you.


A free background check is where a person obtains public records. These records could include anything from public criminal records, public employment records, public sex offender databases, divorce cases, death certificates, driving records and any kind of personal information of a person they may know, all devoid of paying any money. Most free searches are only preliminary searches and do not go as in-depth into a persons past and history, as if you were to hire a private investigator or pay a company to look into another persons criminal record. If you are only looking for obvious charges, such as sex offenders, than a free search is more than ample information. If, however, you are looking for further information, it may be a little more difficult to obtain and you may want to consider talking to an investigator or paying a company to gain access to these records for you.


The following is a partial list of some of the services offered both online and in person that you can use to help obtain information about your own criminal record or the record of another person.

  • The national sex offendars registry list
  • Local county clerks office
  • Local court house where the case(s) were tried in court
  • FBI website
  • State police websites
  • The United States Parole Commission
  • The National Criminal Justice Reference Service
  • My Crime Space

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