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In today’s society we have an increase concern for our protection and safety and often wonder who we are doing business with and even who we are dating. A lot of people have found themselves wishing that they could find out more about a persons past, especially their criminal record, after all one cannot be too safe with who they have in their lives and trust. Today there are a wide variety of ways that you can easily and efficiently check a persons criminal record and some of these services have been provided free of charge to the public.


There are various reasons why one would wish to examine another person’s criminal background. Parents, those involved in the academic community, employers, daycare facilities, nursing homes, landlords, victims of crimes, dating services, and others wish to explore whether or not an associate, employee or potential employee,spouse, babysitter, etc has a criminal record.


There are a great variety of ways that a person can go about finding criminal records and the process may be easier, and cheaper, than you think.

  • Online – There are multiple websites online that allow you to search people by using their name, age, gender and other details about that specific person. Most of these websites are 100% free and result in great deal of information in a cost efficient manner, that can be done from your own home.
  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons – The FBP has a locator online that allows you to search any state prison in America and find out if your person of interest has been ordered to serve time in a Federal prison. This search will require a first and last name of a person, but is also 100% free of charge.
  • National Sex Offendar Registary – All sex offenders are required by law to register of the national sex offendar registray list regardless of their crime and most people will remain on the list for 25 years to life. For this search you do not need a name of a person and can browse the registry list by name, region, and even age. This too is a free service provided to the public.
  • Court House – Most counties in America have a court house where cases are heard on a daily basis. Since most records are available to the public, you can go into your local courthouse, or to where the crime you are interested was committed, and tell them what you are searching for. Most likely you will need to fill out the proper paperwork and be charged a fee around $25.
  • Court houses should also have such public records as marriage and death certificates, also available to you for a fee.
  • County Clerk – A lot of people may not be aware that their local county clerk has valuable information open to the general public for a very reasonable fee. You can obtain death certificates, birth certificates and other information all by going in and asking for them. There is a small fee attached to each item that you obtain and range form $5 to $20.

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